Report for America named finalist in $100M grant competition

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University stations have been shut out of applying for the relief loans.


  • Comings and goings: Nikki Jones named VP at NPR, Cameo George named EP of ‘American Experience’ …

    Jones joined NPR last year after working for SiriusXM Radio.

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    Wonya Lucas exits Public Broadcasting Atlanta to oversee Hallmark Channel

    As an NPR board member, Lucas led the committee that oversaw an investigation of sexual harassment by NPR news leaders.


Debuting in January, the “Masterpiece” revamp of the long-running classic features a more contemporary sensibility.

Filmmakers join Kerger at press tour to discuss pandemic’s effect on forthcoming PBS series

At an executive session with the PBS president, Ken Burns and Henry Louis Gates Jr. discussed how the pandemic has affected productions of their next major series.

PBS programming returns to South Texas after two years without over-the-air service

PBS started broadcasting national programming through a commercial station in the region June 30.

Turn around radio’s audience losses by being ‘Fringe-friendly’

The recent decline in listening has been staggering, but so is the opportunity lying right behind it to make infrequent listeners more loyal.



“One of the biggest things for me was to know that we would be treating these stories with justice and presenting them in the most honest and effective way possible,” says host and producer Ahmed Badr.

Crosscut Union pushes for workforce diversity provisions in contract with Cascade Public Media

The union, which formed last summer, is calling for accountability on management’s stated commitments to diversity and inclusion.

Ropeik records source

New Hampshire Public Radio launches climate change project ‘By Degrees’

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WAMU appoints DCist editor-in-chief to lead newsroom

Rachel Sadon is stepping into the role of interim news director as the station seeks a permanent successor to Jeffrey Katz.

With in-person events on hold, organizations turn to ‘next best thing’ in virtual gatherings

The pandemic has forced nonprofit and public media to rethink their events strategies.

WAMU building


Five women of color have left WAMU since January 2023, an exodus that prompted a series of tweets on the subject last month by current staff.